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A Deloitte Technology FAST 500 EMEA company

Built by advertisers and media companies

Six international advertisers and a Nordic media company agreed to establish a joint venture in 2005. The advertisers wanted to improve their ability to optimise marketing investments. The media company wanted to offer the best-in-class performance reviews to their clients. Together they spent EUR 1 million and thousands of work hours. Penetrace was launched in September 2007 by the Association for Advertisers in Norway. They all said "Yes". They knew that they would save millions if they could increase the return on media spending. They also wanted to reduce the time they spent on creating brand status reports and campaign evaluations. They succeeded!

Today, over 4000 business units in 40 countries gain insight from using Penetrace. It has become a fast growing company among the top 250 in Europe.

Facts about Penetrace:

  • 2005-2007: Seven companies develop Penetrace
  • 2007: Launch
  • Software as a Service. Cloud based service. No software needed
  • 4000 business units in over 40 countries gain insight from Penetrace
  • Tech developers in Oslo, Riga and Vietnam
  • Owned by financial investors, the founder and employees
  • Collaborates with several Marketing Associations
  • Collaborates with Innovation Norway and The Norwegian R&D Council
  • HQ in Oslo, Norway. Represented in Sweden, Denmark and the UK

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Verkstedveien 1, 0277 Oslo, Norway
(+47) 47 92 66 00
Sweden offices:
Stadsgården 6, uppgång F, 9 tr, Box 15416, 104 65 Stockholm
(+46) 76 180 55 13
London Offices:
Level39, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AB
(+47) 47 92 66 00