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Media Companies

Act on Facts and Increase Sales

Advertiser will invest in your media product if you can prove performance, or if your product performs well as a part of a broader media-mix. Create a multimedia performance database, advise your clients based on facts and they will buy your product.

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Proven Benefits

Increase Sales

Arm your salesforce with a tool that includes multimedia cases and best practice examples. Facts will always trumph believes! Act on facts and you will increase your sales.

Reduce Costs

You will save time by working systematically. Expect your analytical staff to increase their capacity and deliver more and better performance reports than ever.

Independent Partner

We are not a research institute or a media agency. Penetrace is an
independent host of your performance database.

Snapshots from Penetrace

Here are some of the smart brands using Penetrace

Bring decided to be “best in class” measuring campaign performance for our clients. Today, our sales staff and our clients enjoy a comprehensive best practice library. Our clients know when and why our media products deliver great performance!

Vibeke Ahlsand/ Director of Market and Product Development, Bring

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