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3 tools that converts data to effective actions.

3 tools that converts data to effective actions.

Campaign Monitor | Trend Monitor | Penelytics

Campaign Monitor | Trend Monitor | Penelytics

Campaign Monitor

The best in class marketing teams are those that learn systematically over time. Campaign Monitor is made for those that love a systematical approach to campaign improvements. This tool combines a time- and cost efficient way to perform campaign reviews as it also delivers on the need for actionable results. 

Order to delivery in one place

Create a campaign and order a performance review directly in the solution in any market. It is integrated with leading panel providers. This is very cost efficient and smart way for both consultants and campaign managers.

The fastest lane to improvements

The simplistic dashboard reports reduces time spent on reviews. Benchmarking all KPIs with chosen campaigns or average performance identifies improvements. This is the ultimate learning approach for improving campaign performance.

Integrated with panels world wide

We have already reviewed panel quality in most countries and integrated several panel providers world wide. If you already have procurement agreements with other providers, we will integrate to them on your order.

Proven solution

Marketing- and campaign managers have already conducted more than 20 000 campaign reviews over 15 years. Both advertisers, agencies and media companies use Campaign Monitor every year.

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Trend Monitor

If you are only looking for a dashboard solution, choose another product! If you aim to convert data to actionable insight, take a good look at this solution! Trend Monitor is developed by demanding advertisers over 15 years. People that want more than just a pretty dashboard.

Loaded with data integrations

Got lots of data? This is the place to let them go to work. You have control and ownership as well as access 24/7. You will find that complex data is supported. Let us show you how "higher learning" data such as research and context data can be utilized.

Flexible and self served

With easy access to all data sources, you can design monitors that deliver on each decision process you orchestrate. It is an ocean choices when it comes to global design and chart design. Check out our demo area to find inspiration.

Analytical tools for fast learning

Advanced filter options enable in depth customer segment reports. Correlation enable better understanding of dynamics between cause & effect. Significance makes sure you don't waste time on insignificant results. Calculations convert data to financial KPIs.

Tailored for brand management

Hundreds of brand managers and CMO's are using Trend Monitor to (a) optimize and expand upper and lower funnel, and (b) monitor competitive advantage as well as how competitors improve their market position. Ask us for a demonstration!



Penelytics is a cookie independent and GDPR friendly modeling studio for creating and reporting marketing mix models. Using live data and machine learning, you can optimize media spending on the go. Welcome to the future in improving your marketing effectiveness.

Integrated with live data

MMM modeling should not be a project. It should be a way to improve your marketing performance. With data integrations you can run your models as often as you make decisions.

Self served. No set-up needed

This is a "no code" modeling studio where you can upload data books and create multiple models for different purposes. Finally you will have a library of models that delivers on different needs. You only need statistical competence and an understanding of data. No set-up needed.

3 reports

Media attribution models are reported in 3 reports: (1) Waterfall that decomposes sales and lists up all drivers, (2) cost to revenue for each media channel and (3) optimal media spending and suggested optimal allocation for each media channel.

Easy to explain and report

It is easy to show and explain a model that is created in the studio. You can show the workflow and run the results instantly. It has never been easier to explain the consequences of marketing mix decisions.


Compatible with all kinds of input and data sources. Rigged for what’s now and what’s coming. Penetrace offers clarity with a future proof interface.

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