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Great Dashboards! Now what?

Great Dashboards! Now what?

Penetrace offers clarity so that you can better understand what drives short-term and long-term sales.

Penetrace offers clarity so that you can better understand what drives short-term and long-term sales.

Smooth Onboarding in 3 Easy Steps

Be up and running in no time. Based on 10 years’ experience of best practice, our condensed and efficient “Clarity Workshops” will get you onboard in no time. Together we can create efficiencies and higher value. Tap into our user-friendly training and consulting services.

KPI Set Up

Let us show you how to prioritise KPI’s according to your preferences and show you best practice from different sectors and categories that will optimise your output.

Data Set Up

Let us show you how best in class marketing teams structure their dashboards, what practices they rely on and for what purpose. A software for hard currency.

Dashboard Design

We understand that best in class marketing performance visualisation facilitates easier reads and more convincing presentations. Unlock insights across your business with filters by product, geography, sales channel and more, to see how different segments impact your business. Clarity brings power through simplicity.


Welcome To The Land of Marketing Enlightenment!

Now you know what to answer when people ask you how your brand is doing. Because you know in great detail and in real time! Let your team find clarity and trustworthy answers every time. We would love to show you how.

Market Pulse

Penetrace offers a complete brand performance report on how well your brand generates sales. The report also includes an overview of how your competitors are performing against your KPIs.

Media Contribution / Attribution

Penetrace offers both online and offline media contribution analysis, giving you not only the complete picture, but also helping you to differentiate between each media outlet and its relative importance in a bigger marketing mix.

Campaign Pulse

Let our senior marketing advisors steward you through the 360-degree Campaign Performance Report. Know how your target audience perceived your campaign and find out what worked, what didn’t and why. We manage both the post-campaign survey and the final analysis and report with relevant benchmarks.

Driver Analysis

Delve into what actually drives important parameters like consideration or preference. With our subtle assistance, this analysis will quickly help you to assess which brand associations are the most vital in driving brand performance within your market.


Penetrace is a user-friendly marketing intelligence platform that enables our members to improve marketing performance. It is actually made by advertisers. I believe that systematic learning with real-time insight is an important pillar of every marketing team.

Jan Morten Drange
President Norwegian Association of Advertisers


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